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Carpet Re-stretching

Why do carpets wrinkle?

A proper carpet installation will stretch your carpet with a power stretcher to a nice tight fit that is secured by a strip of holding pins around the perimeter of your room. As you walk on the carpet it "works" the backing and softens it so some of that stretch is lost. How much depends on several things:

  • The amount of traffic - more traffic means more softening.
  • Humidity in the home - the higher the humidity, the more stretch loss.
  • The nature of the backing - some hold the stretch better than others.
  • Padding is too thick - this works the backing even more.
  • A carpet installed without proper power stretching will wrinkle quickly.

The loss of stretch can be from moderate to severe as will be the resulting wrinkles.

Why is this a problem?

Most home carpets have two backings. The top backing (primary backing) is the one that the surface yarns are tufted into. The lower backing (secondary backing) is glued on to the primary backing and holds the yarns in place as well as giving the entire carpet body and stability.

When the carpet is loose and wrinkled that bonding can be compromised and the two backings can separate. Sooner or later this can result in the surface yarns coming loose from the primary backing and it just falls apart. Even when that does not happen the separation continues to enlarge and the fix becomes more difficult.

A wrinkled carpet, even before it becomes separated, is unsightly and can be a tripping hazard. It will not wear evenly. The surface yarns at the wrinkle point can become tangled and damaged.

Whatever the case it is best to re-stretch the carpet before it becomes a problem and requires an otherwise needless replacement.

For practical purposes there is no way to wear out a carpet that maintains a proper stretch. Not even the 10 % the warranties specify. This means that if you properly care for your carpets, keep them clean and stretched they will last indefinitely. You can wear some carpets "ugly" but you don't wear them out.

How do we fix it?

At Heaven's Best we can re-stretch your carpets to give them a longer and more satisfying useful life. 

Any re-stretch will not be perfect. Because the carpet has already been cut and fit to the room with its jogs and protrusions as well as heat registers and other things there are some stretches that can not be done to a full stretch. However, most carpets can be greatly improved to the point that you will likely not know the difference. The main traffic areas can generally be well stretched and lesser traveled areas improved. Your carpets will go on to once again serve you well and meet their desired life expectancy.

Before we start on a re-stretch we will evaluate the needs and tell you what to expect. If you are not comfortable with those expectations please feel free to not have us do it. If we do not meet those stated expectations, you do not pay.